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SKILL LEVEL: Some Experience (age 6 +)

Suitable for Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Tots Book 2 - Lessons For Children (aged 6+)

Lesson Book with Online Video & Audio

ISBN: 978-1-5272-1796-6

Includes secure online video and audio lessons without any Youtube adverts, creating a safe environment for children!

More about Guitar Tots Book 2:

Guitar Tots Book 2 progresses on from Book 1 introducing children to slightly more advanced musical concepts such as notation, rhythm, timing and scale patterns. All the melodies are written in either the key of C major or G major which are the first 2 essential scales and are the building blocks of musical score.

It is specially created for children aged 6+ who have either gained an understanding of Book 1 or who have already attained a reasonable knowledge of basic chords.

The lessons are suitable for electric or acoustic guitar and designed to give your child a wide taste of musical styles and rhythms including - Rock, Reggae, Country, Blues, Folk, Ballad and Rock n Roll.

The Book and accompanying 1 hour video lessons give complete instruction for reading the musical notation system of TAB which is recognised and used by guitar players around the world. TAB is considered to be the perfect introduction to reading full musical score and suitable for both children and adults.

Once the basic theory of TAB has been mastered in the lesson section of the book there are then 7 amazing songs to learn in the style of Rock, Reggae, Country, Blues, Folk, Ballad and Rock n Roll.

The lessons are cleverly interwoven into a gripping fantasy game 'The Quest for the Golden Guitar' where 3 intrepid young characters Dylan, Tina and their dog Memphis find themselves trapped in a world of witches, trolls, giants and dragons...their only way of escape is to seek out and play 7 pieces of music to 'The Guardian' who protects the Golden Guitar.

Will they ever find their way home? Only you can decide...

Guitar Tots

Here are the 7 stunning lessons (Click the players to listen):

Lesson 1: Spooky Blues (Blues) - A very cool blues riff and chord sequence that you cannot fail to tap your feet along to!

Lesson 2: Time To Go (Power ballad) - A sophisticated chord sequence with a beautiful harmonic melody. Watch out though! Play this melody on electric guitar and suddenly you have a powerful guitar solo that Slash would be proud of.

Lesson 3: Thunder and Lightning (Hard rock) - Played on either electric or acoustic this tune just ROCKS. Turn this up to 11.

Lesson 4: Magic Country (Country) - Yeeeee haaaaa! This snappy little country song is a real show stopper. Has a true country feel in the style of Dolly Parton/John Denver/Taylor Swift. Grab your partners!

Lesson 5: One Big Heart (Rock n Roll) - This great little tune has a 60's Hank Marvin/Beac Boys feel and introduces the concept of guitar soloing.

Lesson 6: Everybody's Happy (Reggae) - No matter what your taste is in music everyone loves a bit of Bob Marley and this song has that warm caribean feel running throughout. Really great fun to play.

Lesson 7: Taller Than Trees (Folk) - There probably isn't a musician around who doesn't take influence from traditional folk just has style and emotion. This lesson fits this genre perfectly.

The lessons are achievable with regular practice but just challenging enough to promote gradual progression.

While your child works through Book 2 they will:

The extra benefits to your child...

Young kids love interaction and are also amazing at learning, especially if they are enjoying themselves in the process.

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Guitar Tots Book 2


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